DDDS Bylaws Changes

Submitted to Membership March 1, 2017

To All Detroit District Dental Society Members

The Detroit District Dental Society (DDDS) Annual Meeting will be held during the All Branch Meeting on March 15, 2017. There will be a bylaws revision put forth at that meeting and the following document details the changes proposed.

The major areas being proposed to change are:

  • Membership Classification – to bring DDDS bylaws in line with classifications used by the Michigan Dental Association (MDA) and American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Dues and Assessments – to be line line with MDA and ADA wording and time schedule
  • Braches – to have wording for Executive Council updated
  • Elections – to have wording in line with membership classification change previously noted
  • Committees – updated to reflect current active committees
  • Added information recommended by the MDA for all Districts for Code of Ethics, Conflict statement, Rules of Order, Indemnification and Insurance.
  • There are other changes to neaten and update wording.

  • Questions?
    If there are any questions please email the office or call the phone number below. The Bylaws Committee would like to review any possible questions or recommendation in advance. Send emails to centraloffice@detroitdentalsociety.com or you may call by phone to (313) 337-4900.

    To view the document please click the link below. If you need a copy sent to you please contact the office and a copy will be mailed to you immediately.

    DDDS Proposed Bylaws Changes Submitted to Membership

    Look forward to seeing everyone at the All Branch Meeting on March 15, 2017 at the Rooster Tail in Detroit – you may register online or by fax or mail.

    Online Registration for All Branch Those registering online will need your ADA log-in to register for this program. Questions call (313) 337.4900

    Marcy Dwyer
    DDDS Executive Director

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